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Monday, 9 June 2008

The spotted owl

This is a baby owl. This is called spotted owl. Some of these kinds of owls live in the forest. This spotted owl has black eyes and brown feather. It eats rabbits, insects, rats and lizards. Some of the owls hunt their food at night time.

Monday, 12 May 2008

10 things that I have learnt

1. Walking

2. Talking

3. Drawing

4. Reading

5. Praying

6. Forgiving

7. Playing

8. Searching in the internet

9. Typing

10. Singing

Tuesday morning News

On the sixth of May we did a running test but not everybody did the running test. The running test was really hard because there were so many flower.
After that there is a hysterical thing that happen with somebody in our class. He is a boy. He is on the student council and he is one of the track editors. The boy who fell is not Riam but the head of editing and track editor. It is Jordaan, he fell in the swimming pool. He fell at 8:50 amit is still morning right?
He felt shock. He fell to the deep part at the edge of the swimming pool maybe it is fun for him.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Cinderella Fairy Godmother

I am cinderella fairy godmother.
I like to help cinderella.
I am a kind fairy.
I can help cinderella.
My friend was cinderella.
I am from cinderella story.


Monday, 7 April 2008

Heartline Radio

Ibu Ria
pak josse
mr david lee
Heartline Radio

On wednesday 2 of April i went to visit Heartline radio 100.6 fm. I went from school from 8:00 am and we arrived at home at 4:00. We take a long way to went to the radio station. The radio station was in karawaci.

When we go to Karawaci it take a long way.In the bus I sit with Arvie, Jessica and sammy. Arvie was sitting beside me and jessica. Down of Jessica' s feet was a stairs so her leg waas hanging in the stairs so jessica felt scared.

When we was arrived at heartline radio station we need to wait for a minute.We are asking some of the question to miss carlie,mr davitly and mr yose.

After that we ate lunched our lunched was Hoka-Hoka bento.And azfter we ate lunched mr davitly introduce us about what did announcers do.And we ask some question.And miss carlie ask some question too for us and who can answer miss carlie question they can get a book and every one of us get a bookmark and so we went home.
I was risk-taker because i ask many question

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